VHS Tape to Digital Conversion

Telling YOUR story with images!

For devices, turn device sideways.  ENJOY at full screen and turn up the VOLUME!

Your old home movies are your memories.  You’d love to see them easily.  Maybe you have kids or grandkids that would like to see your story.  We help you by converting this archaic media, the VHS tape, to modern media….flash drives, DVDs, video player books.

We have all kinds of tricks to our trade from the  Basic Bump [a straight conversion from VHS tape to video file] to elaborate pro edits that will win friends and inflence people.  [Just kidding, but the results will be a way more impressive version of your home videos!]

Your digitized files can be be delivered to you in any combination of media below:

We collaborate with you to convert to the proper file codec to meet your needs.

We can save you digital conversion file to a flash drive YOU provide to us with this add-on feature.

We save your memories to one of our gorgeous, stylish flash drives with this add-on feature.  We have MANY styles and colors to choose from.  We’d love to show you your options!

This is a good option if you’re gifting your memories to someone that doesn’t have computer skills or would simply prefer an easy way to watch it on TV by popping it into a DVD player.

This our premo add-on feature!  It gives you the best of everything.  Packaging can include options such as DVDs, flash drives and photos encased in beautiful containers that you can be proud to display on your table!  [This will attractively keep it in a place where you’ll remember to view it often!]