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Some Kind Words
Martha 7.3.19
I had head shots done with Marcia this spring, and the entire experience was top notch. Marcia is a true professional, and even though I hate having my picture taken, she really made it fun. I've gotten great response to my picture - it's probably the best photo ever taken of me.  Thanks, Marcia!
Sarah  5.24.19
I chose Marcia for my professional headshot ! She has a great way of capturing what you want . The best part about it is she takes her time and really gets to know what you want with a consultation. My headshots are perfect and I can’t wait to show them off !!
Robyn   5.6.19
Marcia is thoughtful and has a very pleasant way of making having your photo taken feel comfortable - when often it is not! She is a joy to work with and her photography work is outstanding.​​​​​​​
Cindy 1.16.19
Marcia is a real pro at restoring old photo's. No wrinkles, specs or flecks anywhere. She brought new life to my Dad's story of his military years! We reminisced in his old photo's together and had a few touching moments. Truly to be cherished. Thank you Marcia!
Hannah   12.23.18
Marcia was incredible! She really took her time and took great photos, and she's such a sweet person! I normally don't like getting pictures taken, but she made me so comfortable and excited to get them done! The whole time i was there it was like taking to a friend. Thank you marcia! Couldn't be happier.
Lisa Gear   8.4.18
I selected Marcia a the official photographer for my team of stylists for Lunatic Fringe Salon. The results were amazing! She made each stylist feel so comfortable, showing the results along the way to make them feel at ease. She spend quality time with me beforehand to ensure she understood the look and feel I was looking for and the head shots were spot on! I highly recommend Marcia and Zebrastripes Productions!
Megan Marietta   7.2.18
Marcia did my professional headshots! I told her exactly what vibe I wanted to give off in the picture and she instructed me very well on how to do so. I am not a good picture taker and have a few things I am self conscious about when I am photographed. Marcia helped pose me to hide these features or make them less noticeable and I loved how they turned out! She was also very friendly and while she definetely took her time and shot from many different angles, it didn’t take HOURS like photo shoots that I’ve been to before. Highly recommend her!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Bill and Carole Shearer   5.9.18
We had Marcia do pictures of our dog, Maggie. She took a couple of hours while taking the pictures. She’s very professional in the way she stands and moves while working. She provided props like hats, a ladder and baskets. She had so much patience with Maggie. She had various scenes for Maggie to pose in. When we saw our gallery of pictures we had so many to choose from, it was hard to pick. We bought some prints and wall art, Interchangeables, that can be arranged in any configuration. We would recommend Marcia because she’s so patient and professional.
Alyssa   5.9.18
I had professional headshots taken and I love them! I normally hate getting my picture taken but Marcia made me feel so comfortable and was so fun to work with! Thanks Marcia!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Ashley Alyse Butler   5.6.18
Marcia is such a talented photographer! The photos she took of me I actually feel very confident in using for my business! She’s was so sweet and accommodating!! I love working with her! Will definitely be working with her again in the future!!! Thank you so much Marcia!!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Amy Elberfeld   11.30.17
Marcia is not only an amazing photographer, she is also fun to work with during the entire process from start to finish. Marcia is a true artist, who takes great pride in creating a beautiful photograph for your business or personal life. Her eye for detail, and and time she gives to preparing, excetuting, and helping you select your products is fabulous. I encourage anyone who is looking for a great photographer, to schedule a time to talk with Marcia to learn more about what she can offer to you, your family or even your pet !
Nancy VanBuskirk   10.23.17
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marcia. Her attention to detail and artistic eye are priceless. She takes the time to get to know you so that she can capture your unique essence.  Very much well worth the experience.
Bonita N.   10.12.16
Marcia, you are an amazing photographer, the way you are able to capture the essence of who you are shooting, is truly amazing. You capture that special look, or facial expression, that no one has been able to do in the past. The "outtakes" you have done have turned out to be some of my favorite shots. You are so very casual to work with,that I forget that I am having pictures taken. My family has enjoyed every session we have done with you. I feel like you have captured some of the most important times in our lives.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Angel S. Hicks   10.10.16
What a wonderful experience! Marcia was professional and the picture for a book I am featured in turned out beautifully. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Marcia!
Marian Alswager   9.2.16
Marcia, I loved the experience of working and "posing" for a professional photograph for a photo that I could use on my Social Media pages and my business card. You knew precisely what you were doing, directing and orchestrating the "shooting" with fun, quips, liveliness, and water to quench our thirst from our laughter and activity. The photos turned out amazingly beautiful. You're masterful in pulling out ones beauty and essence, and portraying it exquisitely on paper or e-visuals. Thanks you so much!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Andrea N.   8.26.16
Thank you very much for all the beautiful pictures we have gotten from you over the past few years. All your hard work and attention to detail really makes for the best experience and we look forward to many more photo shoots in the years to come with you.
Lisa D.   8.18.15
My project involved restoration of treasured family pictures. Marcia made me feel like my pictures were as important to her. She understood what was needed to restore these to their original beauty. She listened carefully to what I wanted and worked within my budget. My family will enjoy these for years to come. Thank you for your expertise and artistic eye. I am so happy with the pictures!
David and Angel   8.11.15
Your kindness is overwhelming. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We could not imagine the announcements/invites turning out as beautifully as they did and look forward to working with you again soon!
Julia C.   5.13.15
Marcia was great at our bris ceremony. It was crazy emotional and a lot of things were going on, including an 8 day old baby that had to be in all the pictures. Crazy environment to work in, but she did great! She went out of her way to visit the place beforehand and figured out the best place to take pictures and the whole family loved the experience. My wedding photographer did not do a great job with the family and after we had some good experiences, so I had something to compare it to and looking back, I loved every moment!
Andrea G.   5.4.15
Thank you for our beautiful pictures and gallery wrap. They came out perfect.​​​​​​​
Bo   7.31.13
Marcia, you are an amazing photographer, the way you are able to capture the essence of who you are shooting is truly amazing. You capture that special look or facial expression that no one has been able to do in the past. I have received so many compliments on all our pictures.
Cindy   12.15.12
You do an amazing job. I love these pictures... my son saw these pictures and should be contacting you soon, he also thinks your photography is wonderful and wants you to take pictures of his pitbull.​​​​​​​
Marlene   11.17.12
Great pictures -- had a hard time choosing, 'cause they were all good
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