Do you get uncomfortable at the thought of being photographed?
• We have been in your position MANY times, so we understand that being photographed is NO ONE's favorite thing to do!
• We team with you from our first meeting until even after you've "lived with" your products
• We walk you through your Project to MAKE SURE you are prepared and guided and that your expectations and desires are met.

Do you feel that you're "not photogenic" or you "don't look good in pictures"?
•  We hear this A LOT!!  We get jazzed when we hear this, because that's our opportunity to provide your first-ever images that you can get excited about!
•  Our specialty is teaming with you to get images you're pleased with and proud to display!
 • We know that EVERYONE would like to have GREAT IMAGES of her/himself, even if they have not had that experience yet.

Were you ever rushed through a shoot or felt like you were just a "number" during the process?
•  We cherish each and every Client.  During every Project we are ALL IN!
• The end goal of every Photoshoot is to capture every possible shot we can obtain.  We accomplish this due to no outfit limits, no pose limits and PLENTY of time to achieve the results YOU WANT!

Do you think digital images are the "modern" way to save and view images?
•  We understand how FULFILLING, GRATIFYING and HEART-WARMING it is to walk by PROFESSIONAL photographic displays of yourself and loved ones.  We MAKE SURE that happens for YOU!
•  We know that digital files are NOT forever KEEPSAKES, but are TEMPORARY and they're NOT the best way for you to experience and view your beloved images.
• We know you will be happy to have professionally printed photo products that you family will cherish and are worthy of being passed down to future generations.
• We are confident that our products will STAND THE TEST OF TIME since we only provide value-driven, ARCHIVAL products.
• It's our experience that, once you see how beautifully your MEMORIES are PRESERVED on our quality products, you'll be delighted with the multitude of display options you have.
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